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Ideas on the Origin of Universe

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Well, nobody knows it exactly. Physics and other sciences can explain How things go or went, not Why. Althought there is a theory, called the M theory or the 11 dimensions theory, that gives a kind of answer to this: the M theory says that the matter is made of little strings that vibrating give to the matter his properties. To ensure all the properties 10 dimensions are necessary: the classical 4 (3 for the space + time) and 6 circumvented dimensions. Well the 10 dimensions theory was not able to explain some phenomenons, as the divergences between relativity and quantum mechanics. in 1995 a phycisist found that assuming the existence of an 11th giant dimension, all was explained. think about this dimension as a giant room where there are sheets hanging from the ceiling. well these sheets are parallel realities. Our universe is in one of these “sheets”. In this frame we have the creation of a universe (a big bang) every time a sheet touches another sheet.

I’ve just described you the frontier of the theoretical physics.



– Daniele G. M / Ancona, Italy


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