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Idea on origin of Gravity – A discussion

Derek shares his idea on origin of Gravity – “if you were to suddenly put a large object in space then the space would  be pushed out to the sides (displacement) . because the object  is now in the place were space once  occupied ?? so space is just pushing  back to its original area ???? is this what gravity is??? or bending of space?”

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  1. The standard explanation of gravity bending space involves a plastic sheet and some weights. If gravity really bends in a similar manner could the fourth dimension be the direction it bends in? Could gravity in essence be, not a force of the universe but a measurement of a dimension of mass in the same way the distance is a measurement of length? to me this seems like it clears up the confusion of gravity being phenomenally weak in the small scale and truly immense in the massive scale.

  2. I wonder; my lack of a physics degree allows me to ask: if the mass of the solar system is in the ‘halo’ outside the equatorial plane of the system, as science says it is, then its non-appearance is due to its speed which equates to mass as in acceleration experiments. No?

    And on a larger scale, the Milky Way’s mass is in its ‘halo’ surrounding the plane. Those enigmatic globular clusters are inside this ‘halo’ as they were released from the AGN first. They are no longer created and just energy jets are now; perhaps the source of the globular clusters long life: being bathed in energy from the jets.

    This Milky Way center, a supposed area of no light, ridged with a ‘ring of bright water,’ is perhaps a neutron star which has off loaded its spin to the ‘ring of bright water.’ Light traverses the area in the center of the ring as it is actually traveling in a quantum state where there is no latent heat, then no visible light?

    I have serious doubts about the interpretation and timing of the ‘gravity bends light’ experiment done by NASA. We are experiencing strange effects (clouds on/off on Saturn, the northern hemisphere of the sun exploding at once, strange weather on E) leads me to believe we are in a compressed wave front of a magnetic Double Layer plasma sheath. A compressed heliosphere on the time scale of the exploded nova NASA calls Fluff would lead to the effects seen in Mercury and Mars. And if the planets had crossed the center energy in the Double Layer to be on the back side they would experience expansion and serious cosmic ray exposure while expanded. S W Carey is vindicated. Science, where have you been all this time?

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