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Hawking Radiation

I know this is an odd way to ask a question but I found that giving what I do understand about the subject will make it easier to correct where I went wrong and what it is I don’t understand or what I understand incorrectly. From what I understand Hawking radiation is a theory created by Stephen Hawking in order to among other things retain in his astronomical model the laws of conservation of matter and energy. These are the concepts that dictate that matter is never created or destroyed but always conserved. It can be changed from one element to another or converted into energy but for every atom in the system at the begining there will always be the exact amount of energy and mass released or present at the end. According to this almost universally accepted law all matter and energy was created in the big bang and has only been manipulated and changed from Mass to energy and vice versa perhaps many times and will always comprise all matter and energy in the universe. This law is not only applicable to situations we encounter every day such as when we burn a piece of paper; for every atom in the piece of paper before burning there will be an exact corresponding amount of ash, smoke, heat, and light released. This law is also applicable and extremely useful on the astronomical scale. When a black hole consumes matter, be it meteors, planets, stars, quasars, or even entire galaxies with it’s indomitable avaricious gravitational appetite, there must be some relatively massive corresponding amount of energy and mass created somewhere in the universe to maintain the conservation of matter. Since as far as we can tell that which has been consumed by a black hole is effectually now nonexistent although can be added to it’s infinite mass so if that matter were not replaced over astronomical time periods there would eventually be no more mass or energy to compose the universe. Among British physicist Paul Dirac’s many accessions to modern science, he predicted that, if enough energy could be concentrated, such as in and around a black hole, an antielectron (always accompanied by an electron in order to preserve the overall electrical charge and net conservation) could in theory be produced where none had existed before. When this process occurs on the edge of a black hole at what is known as the event horizon the antimatter component will often be unable to escape the event horizon while the matter component is able to escape, allowing for a net addition to the system or universe as a whole, which over millennia will theoretically make up for all of the matter consumed by the black hole.?? First off why is it that when these matter antimatter pairs are created is it that an equal number of antimatter particles do not escape causing many to annihilate coming in contact with the escaped matter particles and the rest drifting into the surrounding universe but still leaving a net change in the total mass to zero leaving the mass consumed by our black hole unaccounted for. That is my understanding of Hawking radiation and I am very aware this simplification will no doubt infuriate many, if someone capable to help me to gain a better understanding even in these oversimplified terms I would be most appreciative



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