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Google Guru – A Great Help on the move

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Have you heard of Google guru?

Users of Google Talk can now get answers to their questions by adding guru@googlelabs.com as their friend on Google talk.

After adding as friend, you can just chat with guru and ask any question on chat. The answers will appear as reply almost instantly.

If you type Weather Trivandrum, a brief report on Trivandrum’s  weather (yesterday, today and tomorrow) will a[ppear as reply.

See what I got when I queried Weather Trivandrum

Trivandrum, Kerala, India
27°C, Haze
Wind: W 19 km/h
Hum: 79%
Wed: 24°C-30°C, Chance of Rain
Thu: 25°C-30°C, Chance of Storm
Fri: 25°C-30°C, Partly Sunny

The best part is that Google Guru gives the correct answer even if there  are some mistakes in spelling.

See what I got when I typed

Define khemistry

guru: Did you mean ‘web CHEMISTRY’?

* Chemistry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chemistry (the etymology of the word has been much disputed) is the science of matter and the changes it undergoes. The science of matter is also addressed …

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Make a try now, It helps and is superfast



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