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Free electrons in Materials and shock?!

electronsSachin asks: “Sir I am not able to understand that conductors n insulators have free electron n moving randomly in direction but the definition says that FLOW OF CHARGE PER UNIT TIME IS CALLED CURRENT. SO my question is electrons are moving in both conductors or insulators but when touch them they don’t produce electric current why ???”


  1. i think ans is in ur question itself……there is random motion(not passing thru area of cross section) of electron in onductor/insulator, which nullfy each other effects !

  2. i think its ans is
    the electricity produce is due to the collision of electrons.due the collision the electrons produce heat and thats what we call electricity. bt when electrons are nt in motion they dont collide and thus dont produce electricity.but when an external force is applied on the electrons the collision starts and thus electricity is produced

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