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Force and Motion – Numericals

1.      Find the magnitude and the direction of the net force on an object given that the following forces act on the object at the same time:  20N east, 10N down, 30N west, 50N down, and 30N up. (5 marks)

2.      Human nerve impulses travel at about 10 m/s. Estimate the minimum reaction time from the moment you perceive an obstacle in front of your car and the moment that your foot receives the command to press on the brakes. Consider your height as 1.79m.  If the car is traveling at 50 km/h, how many meters will you travel in this time? (4 marks)

3.      A 500  kg rocket accelerates straight upward from the ground at 70 m/s2. What is the force (thrust) provided by the engine?  (3 marks)

4.      A rope can withstand a maximum tension force of 400N before breaking. If we use the rope to pull a 15 kg bucket of water from a well, what is the maximum acceleration upward we can use without breaking the rope?  (4 marks)

5.      What is the centripetal force acting on an object with a mass of 25 kg moving at a velocity of 15 m/s in a circle with a diameter of 7 m?  When the object is moving with circular motion, are the forces balanced on the object? Why or why not?  (4 marks)


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