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Flies in a car

Arvind MR Asks:

“while travelling, i have noticed some flies buzzing in front of me even if the car is going at a high speed…..

if the fly is stationary and moving freely the it can only do by running in the speed of the car. Howz that possible?


Any fly inside the car will have the same velocity as the car. Just imagine you are running and tossing a ball. You can see that the tossed ball returns to your hand though you were running.


      • We throw it vertically at the time we project it. Then only it will come to our hand. Try throwing a ball up while travelling in a bus moving with uniform speed. OR just drop a stone vertically down from a moving bus. It will hit the ground just along with you, not vertically below the point where you dropped it.
        TRY it and respond!!

        • sir i tried this question always amzed me so i tried to jump in a moving bus…..(in ma school bus) i jumped from point and landed on another….

          • But you were jumping forward, and naturally you will move forward. Or if you jumped vertically upwards, and you landed forward, the bus might have retarded. If you landed back, the bus might have accelerated.
            There is no difference in experience if you are in a bus at rest or a bus in uniform motion.

    • As long as the doors and windows closed and car moves uniformly, there is no difference between a car at rest and a car in uniform motion as far as the experience is considered.
      (I have been trying to explain this only from the very beginning)

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