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Electromagnetic induction in outer space and energy conservation

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“lets pretend we are in space. and there  I have a permanent magnet rotor that and around it are copper windings. They do not touch and everything is floating with minimum friction (because we are in space)
imagine a generator with no brushes or bearings….

now my question is :
if i spin the rotor, and electrons start flowing on the copper(electricity)
would there be a negative force on the rotor to make it stop faster ?

Thank you

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  1. You are rotating the magnet => you are doing work. If you are considering that no external force is present (not even friction of air) then your work has to be totally converted into obtained work. By Lenz’s law there is a opposing force which is operating (the force responsible for current and is opposing the roter). But if I don’t think there would be any other force to stop it.

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