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Electric Potential

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Lalit asks:

“Please explain electric potential in some other
words, other than every book,every author says..I
want something different..”


If you know the meaning of the word POTENTIAL, and already studied gravitational potential, then understanding Electric Potential would be quite easy.

We know the law of conservation of energy which states that “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed; it can be transformed from one form to another or be transferred from one body to another”

If we imagine a positive point charge kept at a point, and if we want to bring another positive point charge closer to it, we have to perform some work. This work done is stored as the potential energy of the system. The work done in doing so depends on (i) the magnitude of the original charge and (ii) the distance at which the new charge is brought.

The Electric Potential at a point in an Electric Field is a measure of the work required to bring a unit positive charge taken from infinity to the point against the electrostatic force and brought without any acceleration.

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