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Was Einstein Wrong?

Was Einstein Wrong? What is the neutrino particle which traveled faster than light?


As we know it now; Neutrino is a neutral subatomic particle with a mass close to zero and half-integral spin, rarely reacting with normal matter.

Three types of neutrinos are known –

Einstein’s theory of relativity suggested that no particle can travel faster than light in vacuum.

If neutrino travels, there is something wrong and we have to make necessary amendments

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  1. Prof. Shatendra Sharma says;
    “I do not believe in the experiment either the theory lacked some imp aspect or the experiment. Time travel is conceptually not possible bcs time never travels in reverse direction. Its all analogies given by all physicists are faulty. Some postulates may not hold at all.”

    Professor Shatendra Sharma
    is Director USIC at Jawahar Lal Nehru University New Delhi
    and in the Past served as Adviser at Ministry of HRD Govt. of India and
    Scientist at Defence Research and Development Organisation

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