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Download CBSE Class IX and X Science Sample Question Paper for Term I (SA1)

CBSE has published sample papers in all subjects for Class IX and X. You can download Science Sample Papers for Class IX and X here. The question paper contains BluPrint and Marking scheme too. Practising this with a view to score maximum marks as per the marking scheme will be a great help for the students to perform well in exams.

CBSE Class X Science Sample Paper

CBSE Class IX Science Sample Paper


    • True!
      But if you feel them difficult, then you have to work harder. Board papers are standardized ones and reflects the standard expected from you. If you find that they are of higher level, it is an implication that it’s time you have to increase your standard by dedicated and planned hard work.

    • Please note that the post is giving link to the CBSE post only. Any one with normal web usage can know that. This post is providing an easy access to those who seek a quick link to the sample papers available.

      Please make the correction “the links are given on left side”

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