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Doubts from Faraday’s Experiments on electromagnetic induction

I wanna ask that in faradays’s first experiment with coil and magnet,when the magnet is moved away from coil the deflection in galvanometer becomes opposite as compared to first case…..what leads to this and if that means direction of current becomes opposite so HOW and WHY the direction of this changes…..plz can you tell me the practical reason of this…..its really confusing me!!!

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  1. Ans:
    This is a consequence of conservation of energy.
    When the magnet is brought near, it induces an emf. The direction of emf is such that it opposes the cause which produced it; here the magnet coming closer. The direction of current is such that it creates a like pole.
    that is, if north pole of the magnet is brought towards the coil, the current flow will be in the anticlockwise direction to produce NORTH pole and thus to repel the north pole of the magnet moving towards it.
    This means that we have to do work to bring the north pole closer and the work done in doing so accounts for the electrical energy produced.

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