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Does Newton’s Third Law apply on throwing butter on a wall?

Newton’s third law of motion states that

“When we throw any object on anything, that thing also pushes back with the same force. But when we throw butter on the wall, it sticks on the wall. Why?”

Asked by Akshit and Koushal from Class VII A from Kendriya Vidyalaya Air Force Station Bidar, Karnataka



I feel that there is some misconception/misunderstanding here.

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Newton’s Third law states that whenever two bodies interact each other, the force exerted by one body on the other is equal and opposite to the force exerted by the second body on first. These forces are simultaneous and are exerted on different bodies. tha is; the force exerted by the first body is acting on the second body and the force exerted by the second body is acted on the first body.

It doesn’t matter whether the body sticks to the other body or bounces back. We are concerned here with force and not with the motion.

When handful of butter (or clay) is thrown on to the wall, the ball of butter exerts some force on the wall. The wall exerts an equal force simultaneously. But the adhesive force between the wall and butter is more than the force acting on butter which tries to detach it. So it is not detached.

When a rubber ball thrown on the wall, the force exerted by the wall on the ball compresses it. Due to the elastic nature of the ball, it tries to bring the shape back to original and this makes it bounce back. The force exerted on the wall due to the bouncing ball is double that of a clay/butter ball of same mass hitting the the wall with same speed; because, the rubber ball requires the force to bounce back too.

Also refer to http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/truckc.html#c1



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