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Critical thinking – An essential trait for excellence in competitive exams

Nowadays, the number of students asking genuine doubts are found decreasing day by day. the main reason behind this is the lack of critical thinking. Think deeply on things you learn, hear and see. find answers to the questions arising in your mind. If you develop the habit of critical thinking, it is certainly help you to excel in exams. As we discussed earlier, “Questioning every answer is more important than answering every question”

How to develop critical thinking?

An easy way to develop the habit of critical thinking is by solving puzzles – Sudoku, crossword puzzles, tiles rearrangement, chess and the like. Try solving the logical reasoning type questions, picture based puzzles and reasoning ability tests etc. asked in various competitive exams.

The logical reasoning tests are helpful not only to excel in cometitive exams, but it will help you in moul;ding your personality also.

I personally advice reading all the works on Sherloke holmes by sir arthur Conan Doyale. the way sherloke holmes comes to various copnclusions will certainly inspoire us in being a keen observer and a critical thinker and more over a great problem solver.

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