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Class VI Science Question Bank

FOOD: Where does it come from.
1. You are the manager of a restaurant, make a list of food items you would serve in lunch.
2. What measures are to be taken to avoid wastage of food.
3. Why are humans considered omnivores?
4. List the ingredients of any five food items you relish.
5. Form pairs of words in group A with words in group B.
A—Mustard plant, Nectar, Beetroot, carnivore, omnivore.
B– Honey, sugar, oil, humans, tiger.
6. Name two aquatic plants eaten as food.
1. Why is it necessary to have fresh and un-cooked vegetables and fruits in our diets.
2. Doctors advice us to drink atleast two litres of water daily why?
3. What happens when wheat flour is sieved before making dough?
4. It is not good to wash vegetables and fruits after cutting, why?
5. Rice and pulses must not be washed repeatedly , why?
6. Prove that, milk you drink contains proteins.
7. How will you check whether rice contains starch.
8. What will happen to a person who is not getting enough carbohydrates and proteins.
9. You are advised not to drink coca-cola, pepsi etc, find the reason.
10. Make a diet chart of pregnant mother and of small baby.
11. Find out harmful effects of eating only Junk food like potato chips, pizzas, burgers etc.
12. What happens when we overeat always?
1. Name the plant parts that performs following functions
a. Anchoring.
b. Transpiration
c. Conduction
d. Reproduction.
2. List the ingredients needed for photosynthesis.
3. What do you call the following two section;
• If cut across.
• If cut along the parts of plant.
4. Mention types of roots and types of venation and find their correlation.
5. Differentiate Herbs, Shrubs and Trees.
6. List the essential and non-essential parts of flower with respect of reproduction in plants.
7. Give terms for the following.
a. Green leaves make food by this process.
b. Water vapor loss through leaves.
1. What makes snakes move fast on ground.
2. Cockroaches can fly as well walk, how?
3. Give adaptations of birds to flight.
4. Why is the upper part of our ear not soft as the ear lobe?
5. What is a joint? Name the kinds of joints present in our body.
1. List the features of a lion, which help to make it “ a hunter of the grasslands”
2. How is a camel adapted to life in a desert?
3. Compare the roots and leaves of plant on land and an aquatic plant.
4. How is a fish adapted to life in water?
5. What are the features of cactus plant that help it to flourish in desert?
6. How do animals like rats and snakes survive in a desert?
1. You are given Two kinds of fibres. How do you identify the synthetic as well as natural fibre in it?
2. While tearing the paper we get the similar sound to that of a cloth. Why?
3. What is the difference between Yarn and Fabric?
4. Garments will not be made out of Coconut fibre. Why?
5. Your father purchased a woolen sweater to you. It is labeled as “pure wool”. How do you check its purity?
1. If we keep fish out of water they die. Why?
2. When ever you go out with your parents, you ask them to get a cool drink for you. As soon as the cap is opened, you might have
observed the liquid coming out.Why?
3. Why oil will not mix with water?
4. If you mix water and starch, what kind of solution you get?
5. The shopkeeper keeps similar type materials at one place. Why?
1. You are given a mixture of sand and water. How do you separate them?
2. Your are given a mixture of water and oil. Using an empty cool drink bottle, How do you separate them?
3. Your are asked to dissolve sugar in water. You kept on adding sugar to water till some of the sugar is not at all dissolving by
stirring with the spoon. How can you dissolve the left out sugar?
4. After the games period, you had come back to your class room and under a fan.
5. Your body becomes so cool and you feel so comfortable. Why?
6. If you keep Ice pieces in glass tumbler, you observe lot water droplets on the Surface of the tumbler. Why?
7. River water is clear where as sea water is not even though, both contains mud and sand. Why?
1. Your are waking on the road with your father. Suddenly rain started and you observed your father folding his pant. Is this can
be reversed?
2. You father purchased a drawing sheet to you. You had drawn a picture on it with various Colours. Can you use the drawing sheet again for drawing another picture on it? Why?
3. During the games period while playing, you had into a ditch full of water. Your dress Was spoiled. Your mother make you dress alright again. What kind change is it?
4. After firing the crackers during deevali festival, can you reuse the same? Why?
5. You made a dog with the mud. Your friend asked you change into elephant. Can you do that using the same mud?
1. Rainy season comes always after summer season. Why?
2. Wet clothes dry faster if you keep them under a fan. Why?
3. If you won’t drink enough water, what happens to your body?
4. A village near a river will always get ground water where as a village which is far away will face acute water problem. Why?
5. You are drenched completely while playing in the rain. But you did not stop playing. To your surprise, your clothes dried
after some time.How?
1. Sky appears blue. Why?
2. How the fish could live in water?
3. Your father while going to the office, keep a mask to his nose.
Did you ever ask your father why he will keep it?
4. Why mountaineers carry Oxygen cylinders with them while climbing high mountains?
5. If you add mud to water, you observe bubbles in water. Why?
1. Each tree can make its own manure. How?
2. You have noticed your mother keeping fruits in plastic bags. Is it safe to eat them?
3. Rag pickers always suffer with diseases. Why?
4. You covered the soil with a plastic sheet and poured water on it. The soil will not become Wet. Similarly you covered
the soil with a sheet of paper and poured water. Soil has become wet. Which helps in increasing the ground water and why?
5. Earthworms increase the fertility of the soil. How?
Motion and Measurement of Distance
1. You are given a cotton thread and a wool thread. Which thread can be used to measure the length of an object and why?
2. You have seen your father playing violin.While playing it, you observed that the strings. Are creating the sound.Can you tell due to what motion it si giving the sound?
3. When a fan is rotating , we observe the blades are rotating in opposite direction. Why?
4. While playing a kite you observe the kite motion will not be in the same direction. Why?
5. Name some objects having periodic motion.
1. In a completely dark room, can you see your face in a mirror? Why?
2. Why can not we see upside down image of the sun?
3. Why shadows are black in colour?
4. Can you an object through a “T” shaper pipe? If, no, Why?
5. Can you see a reflected light directly? If, no Why?
1. You have observed your father handling the electric equipment by wearing glouses. Why?
2. If you connect a battery cell to the bulb through a wooden stick, the will not glow. Why?
3. Your father applies a tape over the joint of a electric wire. Why?
4. Do not handle the electric appliances when your hands are wet. Why?
5. There will be three colured wires normally used while connecting any electric equipment.
What are those colours? Tell which coloured wire gives us electric shock?
1. When you are listening to song by using a small radio, it gives lot of disturbance when you changing the direction. Why?
2. If you want listen to a song by using a small radio by sitting in a rail compartment, you can’t Why?
3. While storing the magnets, a wooden stick is kept between the two magnets. Why?
4. Do not keep magnets near electronic equipment. Why?
5. Why a wooden piece can not made as a magnet?

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