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Numericals from Newton’s Laws of motion based on F=ma (For calss XI students of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom)

Download the questions and solve them and submit on or before 9 Oct 2014

  1. A force acts for 10 s on a body of mass 10 kg after which the force ceases and the body describes 50 m in the next 5 s. Find the magnitude of the force. [Ans: 10 N]
  2. A  truck starts from rest and rolls down a hill with constant acceleration. It travels a distance od 400 m in 20s. Calculate the acceleration and the force acting on it if its mass is 7 metric tonnes. [Ans: 2 m/s2, 14000N]
  3. A motor car running aat the rate of 7 m/s can be stopped by applying brakes in 10 m. Show that total resistance to the motion, when the brakes are on is one fourth of the weight of the car.
  4. In an Xray machine, an electron is subjected top a force of 10-23 N. In how much time the electron will cover a distance of 0.1 m,? Take the mass of the electron = 10-30 kg

Numerical Problems from “Uniform Circular Motion” –Online Home work for KV Pattom Class 11 students

All students of class XI are to copy down the questions and solve it in the home work copy and solve it to submit on or before 22 Sept 2014.

  1. What is the angular velocity of a second hand and minute hand of a clock?
  2. A body of mass 0.4 kg is whirled in a horizontal circle of radius 2 m with a constant speed of 10 ms . Calculate its (i) angular speed (ii) frequency of revolution (iii) time period and (iv) centripetal acceleration.
  3. A circular wheel of 0.50 m radius is moving with a speed of10 ms. Find the angular speed.
  4. Assuming that the moon completes one revolution in a circular orbit around the earth in 27.3 days, calculate the acceleration of the moon towards the earth. The radius of the circular orbit can betaken as 3.85 x 10 km.
  5. The angular velocity of a particle moving along a circle of radius 560 cm is increased in 5 minutes from 100 revolutions per minute to 400 revolutions per minute. Find Light bulb angular acceleration and (ii) linear acceleration.
  6. Calculate the linear acceleration of a particle moving in a circle of radius 0.4 m at the instant when its angular velocity is 2 rad /s and its angular acceleration is 5 rad/s2
  7. A threaded rod with 12 turns per cm and diameter 1.18 cm is mounted horizontally. A bar with a threaded hole to match the rod is screwed  onto the rod. The bar spins at the rate of 216 rpm. How long will it take for the bar to move 1.50 cm along the rod.

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