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Kendriya Vidyalayas are reopening … Let’s learn Physics

Most of the Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country are reopening after the summer vacation on 21 June 2018. Now students are returning to studies after 50 days of enjoyment and recharging their intellectual batteries. The rejuvenated spirits will nw help the students to return to studies with greaster exposure they had during the summer vacation, visit to places, new experiences and experimentsd. Each and every experience we come across help us learning something new, no matter whether we were successful in our attempts  or not. The one who fails a number of times and finally succeeds learns more life lessons that the one who sucfceed at the first attempt itself. It is not harmful if you win at first attempt, but if you don’t succeed, do not quit. It’s another opportunity to attempt with greater vigour and to try out new methods to succeed.

AskPhysics has some new programs for this year.

  • Class  XII: Questions asked by students fromstudents related to class XII will be arranged chapterwise for ewasy access.
  • More study materials will be made available to class XII and Class X students for a structured learning and revision
  • More analogies and life experiences will be added in the form  of story like blog entries for making learning of Physics enthusing and entertaining; helping the readers to understand life better through Physics as well as to learn Physics from life incidents.


Nobel Prize in Physics 2017 goes to Rainer Weiss, Barry C. Barish and Kip S. Thorne

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Physics 2017 with one half to

Rainer Weiss 
LIGO/VIRGO Collaboration

and the other half jointly to

Barry C. Barish 
LIGO/VIRGO Collaboration



Kip S. Thorne
LIGO/VIRGO Collaboration

“for decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves”






Welcome to the Wonderful World of Physics

Dare ask questions! 

“Only those questions are foolish which are not asked”.

While learning Physics ‘questioning every answer is more important than answering every question’.

We created this website where the students can ask even the dumbest doubts without any fear.

There is no one to ridicule them.

We analyze the questions received here and try our level best to answer them satisfactorily with due explanations and illustrations.

Click on the Link Ask A Question to ask your doubts and questions.

It is a good Idea to search whether your question is already answered or not. SEARCH HERE [wpbsearch]


Participate in Google Sceince Fair 2016

As every year, Google Science Fair entries are now open. Students aged 13-18 can now participate by registering online at https://www.googlesciencefair.com/en/ 

Exciting prizes are awaiting the winners.

The Grand Prize winner will receive $50,000 in scholarship funding.

The $50,000 Google scholarship is intended to further the Grand Prize winner’s education. If a team wins the prize, the scholarship’s value will be divided equally among the teammates.

google science fair

Act now and compete !

We are not Psychic – It’s Physics Here!

We receive many questions daily where in questions based on dreams, love, relations etc. are asked.

Psychic CatWe thought initially that those were posted by spammers. But the emails and posts were not from spam-bots but genuine IPs and persons. On analysis, it was found that those posts were made by people who thought that the site name as “AskPsychics” and thus they asked such questions. Some even misspell Psychic as Physic.

When they don’t get their answers, they come back to the site and start looking at the answered questions to find that the site is all about Physics and that there are no Psychichs here!

Thanks to our principle that we do not allow questions to be published directly. All questions posted via the Ask a Question link reach the email inbox of the admin and editors of the site. we scrutinize the question and are posted to the site only if it is related to Physics or education.

Once again I would like to announce –

We are PHYSICS People

Not Psychics

CBSE Proficieny Test Previous question papers in Science and Maths

Proficiency Test 2012 Question Paper

Please download the question papers of proficiency test in science and maths conducted by CBSE at the links below.


Science proficiency test 2012 question paper


Maths Proficiency test 2012 question paper


Central Board of Secondary Education


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