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Black Holes

I have no background in physics though I am deeply fascinated by it. The THEORY OF EVERYTHING has always intrigued me. I have had no schooling per say, but I have watched a lot of documentaries, lectures, and have read many articles, papers and completely exhausted my printer from printing Wiki pages about everything encompassing physics, quantum mechanics, energy, gravity, black holes, matter, dark energy etc. My question is this: How can a black hole, which has a gravitational force so strong nothing can escape it, not even light, how is it possible for some black holes to eject material out from it? I have read many papers about how some super-massive black holes sometimes consume more material than they can actually ‘EAT’ and will sometimes eject that material out into space hundreds of light years? Isn’t the gravitational force supposed to catch that material and re-consume it? My only thought is that the material never crosses the event horizon and therefore can not be fully captured by the gravity of the blackhole. Please help. Your input is greatly appreciated.

(Asked Michael J. Garcia Jr. )

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