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Attempt every question while writing exam

Teachers often say this, “Don’t leave any question.”

Let’s have a look why attempting every question is important.

Attempting every question and writing the answers in the most logically fitting way increases your chance to score more.

Every mark you get is important and decisive in determining your future course of action, career and life.

When you write the answer, there is a chance to score.

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  1. Yes, for every question one attempts in examination, the examinees score for every relevant point they write in the question. Almost every examiner, except few, have the intention to give as much marks as possible. In some cases (like some state boards or university examinations), the examiners have a notion to give marks, at least the passing marks, to the candidate by judging some of the beginning part, diagrams, the last part of the answer. So attempting every question becomes important to maximize your chance to score. Leaving any leaves a mark on the examiner’s head, and he might even intentionally fail you, or just make you pass. All the best, and from now on, do visit and answer as much relevantly as possible every question on the paper.

    Regards ^_^

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