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Answers are delayed, be patient please!

Dear users, visitors and members of askphysics,

AskPhysics is now experiencing the adverse effects of popularity. The number of questions we receive has far exceeded the number of questions we can answer. So, naturally, it takes some time to post the answers. Please bear with us. Though with a delay, we will be posting the answers.

It has come to our notice that many visitors are posting question which are not at all related to Physics or at least science in general. They are posting questions like “When will I marry?” “Will I be able to marry my lover?” and some questions of that sort. Please note that we do not pay a heed to such questions. And further, the questions posted by you never go directly to the site, but they come to the admin’s email and it is up to the admin to decide what to do with the email he receives.

The purpose of askphysics is to try to answer questions which the students generally do not ask in public. *(Please try to see the category “interesting questions, for example”). But, students are now using the system for obtaining the answers to the questions which they get as home work in school or college. We welcome the move, but you have to bear with the time delay.

Wish you all a happy time with askphysics.


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