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An interesting question :: Charge of electron

Rachna Sharma asks:

“The charge on a proton is +1.6x 10 -19C and that of electron is -1.6x 10 -19C. Does it mean that the electron has a charge 3.2x 10 -19C less than the charge of a proton?”


There are two kinds of charges. It was a historical accident to name one of it + and the other –

The ancient name for + was vitreous and that of – was resinous.

The magnitude of charge for proton and electron are the same but the nature of charge is different.

Hope the idea is clear. If not, please post further doubts as comment to this post.


  1. everything cannot be i terms of arithmetics!
    one must note that there are mathematical paradoxes too!

    the signs are just for representing that charges on protons and electrons are of diff nature..
    thats it!

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