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An interesting Physics Problem

During a robbery, a citizen was shot in the shoulder. the bullet went through the shoulder and exited; he will make full recovery. there were three suspects present; each one fired their pistol. it is important to determine which suspect actually shot the citizen.
Alan was carrying a .38 special, bill was carrying a .45 colt, cindy was carrying a .357 magnum.
Based on testimony, it can be determined exactly where the citizen was standing when he was shot. the emergency doctor report states that the bullet emerged from the shoulder with a perfect horizontal velocity. ballistics studies show that a bullet slows down to 30% of its initial muzzle velocity.
The bullet left the citizen’s shoulder 1.6325m above the ground. The hole in the wall was centered 1.627m above the ground, and 3 m behind him.
Use the information below to determine who shot the citizen:
0.38 special-300m/s
0.45 colt-250m/s
0.357 magnum-442m/s



Sydney Marina McCage 


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