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A Question from Optics (awaiting answer)

Question: The difference between the speed of light compared to any other body on earth is negligible then if we take a car moving at 30m/s and i stand at a distance of 1m from it i am a stationary observer,if i assume the speed of light to be 3 x 10^8 then even i will observe the world at such a speed then when i look at the car say for one second then light has already reached my eye after bouncing off the car, by that time the car would have moved a very very small distance and this repeats until the car moves past me.what i cant understand is then why does the car whizz past me because at that rate it should take a lot of time to go past me and i should be able to see the cars every nanometer of motion just like in slow motion videos.i have read in a psychology book that it is because of the angle made by the retina of the eye and the objectively regardless of my human perception what could be the reason?

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