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A question based on the theory of machines

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†ђe fig below shows a tilt hammer ahinged at o, with its head resting on top of †ђe pile Bm †ђe hammer including †ђe arm OA, has a mass of 25kg.its centre of gravity Gis 400mm horizontally. from O Ąπϑ its radius of gyration about an axis through G parallel to †ђe axis of †ђe pin 00000 is 75mm. †ђe pile has a mass of 135kg. †ђe hammer is raised through 45• To †ђe position shown in dotted lines Ąπϑ released. On striking †ђe pile there is no rebound. Find †ђe angular velocity of †ђe hammer immediately before †ђe impact Ąπϑ †ђe linear velocity of †ђe pile after impact. Neglect any impulsive resistance offered by †ђe earth into Ψђíçђ †ђe pile is being driven. [Thank you]

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