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A Few Questions from Current Electricity.

1.Why is copper wire more preferable than silver wire?
2.Why should the melting point of a fuse wire be low?
3.”The resistivity of a wire 1 ohm meter.”Explain.
4.What is the resistivity of(a)copper(b)nichrome?
5.What will happen if nichrome wire is used in transmission lines?


  1. 1.Copper wire is more preferable maybe because silver is more expensive than copper.
    2.Fuse wire is used as a safety device to avoid excess current which is larger than the specified value flowing through the circuit.Hence its melting point should be low,as it performs it’s action by melting because of heating over its melting point.
    3.Resistivity is the resistance of a wire of length i meter and area of cross-section 1 meter square.So if length of a wire is 1 meter and its area of cross-section is 1 meter square the resistivity of that wire is said to be 1 ohm meter.
    4.Resistivity of (a) copper is – 1.62x10raised to -6 and (b) nichrome is 100×10 raised to -6
    5.If nichrome was used in transmission lines,then the supply of electricity would be very difficult and major part of the electricity would have been lost as heat energy due to it’s high resistivity.

    NOTE:Sir Pls correct my answers if they are wrong.Going to appear 4 d science FA with the same knowledge..

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