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A Face Book conversation on relativity and its effects

Relativity has fascinated many young minds (old too).


Below is a conversation between a student and a Physics Teacher on Facebook chat.


hlo sir,

did u watch interstellar movie??

kk… i hv a doubt regarding g concept??


c according to relativity-a person hu went to space wud xperience time dilation compared to us on earth…. then it’s also possible tht. gravity here on earth is more than away from earth,i.e.gravity curves spacetime,thus dilatin time here on earth compared to a spacecraft man…..these two concets are contradictory???
its not away from gravity that causes the time dilation, but the speed of motion
the relativistic effects are prominent only when the speed of motion reaches the speed of light
or nears the speed of light
every derivation in relativity is based on the speed of light
according to rel, the speed of light is the only entity which can be taken as not changing
or absolute
all other physical quantity is relative

kk….bt wht causes time to go slower near a black hole???
acc to relativity, it’s the increased speed
just like a stone increases its speed while nearing the earth when falling from a ht

gravity is incorporated into sp theory of rel…

and this causes curving of space time???
Gravity causes curvature in the space time continuum
this explains why two masses attract each other

ya bt still i dnt get ???
read it

c a person spending time near the event horizon,time slows down compared to a person in a space craft moving at a considerable speed???this can similarly apply to earths frame instead of event horizon???
A person spending time at event horizon cannot be at rest
Please read more and think

kk…i shall surely read that.,bt i hv a plus2 physics doubt too??

the speed of an em wave is the sp of light..,bt em wave composed of electric and magnetic fields is related to charges.,hw cum these charges move at sp of light???doubt frm ncert txt on velocity selector

qe=qvb and v=e/b
4 minutes ago
charges are not moving in an em wave
it is the time varying electric and magnetic fields which are propagating.
the fields are produced by accelerated or oscillating charges
but the charges are not moving along with em waves.
an em wave does not possess any charge

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