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Stress, Strain and a question

We have two materials

Material 1 has high stress but less deformation than the other material.

Material 2 has more deformation but less or average stress than the other material.

which material should we prefer for higher impact loads and which will be good for the same load conditions?

Asked Gajendra Sharma

metal strength



I’m trying to implement a billiards simulation in computer graphics and I had a question about the rolling ball scenario.

Once the ball starts pure rolling, I am going to switch the sliding friction coefficient to rolling friction coefficient to make sure linear velocity faces deceleration.
But from what I understand the rotational deceleration only happens due to rolling resistance which I guess isn’t related to the rolling friction.

So how do I manage that scenario? Maybe I can take the torque caused by the rotation friction but apply it in the opposite direction. though it doesn’t make a lot of physics sense. Also I want to make sure that translational and rotational velocities to come to a stop at around the same as it happens in reality. I am not able to understand how that’ll happen since the translational and rotational component have their own angular accelration and velocity that they work with.

So if someone can explain the physics here about how the ball can be brought to stop and it looks natural, that’ll be helpful.


REF: https://www.toppr.com/guides/physics/system-of-particles-and-rotational-dynamics/rolling-motion/


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