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What is a machine?

This question was asked several times through askphysics, but I was thinking whether or not to answer such a simple question. But when I pondered, I felt that there is something which I can tell the world through the answer to this post.

If you search, you can find several definitions to “Machine”

To be quite simple, A machine is any device which makes human efforts easier. It may be used to magnify human capabilities, physical or psychological. It may be partially or completely automated.

A machine is helpful to save human effort, not energy. There are even cases where the machine is not providing any mechanical gain of effort, but changes its direction so that the effort can be conveniently applied.


Double Slit Experiment and Quantum Mechanics

In regards to the double slit experiment with detectors and firing electrons one at a time ….a lab is set up where we run 100 separate experiments where a single electron is fired through a double slit say 500 times each cycle to build a pattern.  Beforehand the computer will make a random heads or tales decision as to whether or not the next cycle will be run with the detectors on or off. So statistically 50% of the time the detector will be off and no one will know beforehand we will only know after the fact by reviewing the data stored in the computer as to whether or not the next consecutive cycle was run with the detector on or off. 

There’s a catch….the computer is required to make a second random heads or tales decision to entirety erase all the data from an individual experiment so statistically for half of the 100 individual experiments (or cycles) we won’t know if the detector was on or off.   In only 50% of the individual runs can we say for certain if the cycle was run with the detectors on or off. 

Out of 100 runs how many particle behavior patterns would you expect to see and how many wave patterns would you expect to see.

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