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Magnetic effect(jee)

An electron is shot into one end of a solenoid.as it enters the uniform magnetic field within the solenoid, its speed is 800m\sec and its velocity vector makes an angle of 30° with the central axis of the solenoid. The solenoid carries 4A current and has 8000 turns along its length. Find the revolutions made by the electron within the solenoid by the time it emerges from the solenoid’s opposite end.

Asked Shalini Roy

Relativistic travel and ageing

Today’s doubt- If i am moving at constant speed of 0.5 times speed of light away from another person, it means both mine and his frame of reference are inertial (since both are not accelerated), then in my frame that person is moving away from me at 0.5 times speed of light and by special theory of relativity, he would be younger than me. But in his frame of reference I am going away and I should be younger. Actually who is getting younger and why?

Akshay Ramachandran asks

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