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Newton’s Third Law..maybe?

Okay, so in this scenario, a girl jumps from the third step of a staircase and lands in the hallway that is at the foot of the staircase and right when she lands, a door that is beneath the staircase cracks open outwardly. The door doesn’t open all the way, but what physics law would be corresponded to the door opening as the girl lands on the ground? Or is it not possible for the door to open outwardly instead of inwardly?

Asked Jasmine McCalister

Need help with this Physics question from electromagnetism

A 20.0 m long wire is carrying a 150.0 mA current parallel to a second wire that is extremely long which carries a current of 250.0 mA in the same direction. These wires are placed 40.0 cm apart in a 5.5 T magnetic field that is directed into the page. Calculate the magnetic force on each wire and indicate the direction of the force. Each of these wires would generate a smaller magnetic field, indicate the direction this magnetic field would travel between the wires.

Mark Dreeson

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