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physics motion in gravity

A body is thrown upwards from some height above the ground and it takes T1 time to reach the ground.From the same point and with same speed a body is thrown downwards and it takes T2 time to reach the ground.Show that when a body is dropped from the same height it takes time T to reach the ground where T*T=T1*T2.

Asked Shrutik Tripathi

Question from Kinematics

A model rocket fired from the ground ascends with constant upward acceleration.
After 1.0 s from firing a small bolt is dropped from the rocket and after 5.0 s from firing, its fuel is then finished. The bolt strikes the ground after 2.0 s from the instant it was dropped. Acceleration due to gravity is g = 10 m/s2
(a) acceleration of the rocket while running on its fuel is 8.0 m/s2
(b) rocket was at height 100 m above the ground when its fuel was finished.
(c) maximum speed of the rocket during its flight is 40 m/s
(d) total airtime of the rocket is 15 s the question is how many statements are true?
Can u please explain in detail

Asked Jahnavi

Arrow placed in front of a plane mirror

An arrow is placed in front of a plane mirror. The distance between the arrow and the mirror is 20 cm.
Determine the distance between the arrow and the image.

Asked Gaurav Verma

Numerical problem from electrostatics

A charge of 5 * 10-5c has been distributed between two spheres such that they repeal each other with a force 1N when their centers are 2m apart . Find the charge distribution
Asked Rahul

Let the total charge be q.
If the charge on one sphere is q1 then the charge on the other will be (q-q1)
Substitute in Coulomb’s law and get the value of q1 and q-q1

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