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Resistors Combination – Numerical Problem

What is the effective resistance between P and Q in the diagram?


Asked Malik Ahmed

Answer : 8 ohms

The Two arms have resistances 32 ohm and are in parallel, Their effective resistance is 1 ohms. This is in parallel with the middle arm. So the effective resistance is 8 ohms.



The three arms have resistances 32, 1 and 32 respectively and are in parallel. Therefore, taking their reciprocals and adding will give the answer.

How supercooled water is prevented from turning into ice?

Water below zero degree celsius is called super cooled water. liquid water does not become completely unstable as it becomes supercooled, prior to turning into ice crystals. an energy barrier for crystal formation exists throughout the region in which supercooled water’s compressibility continues to rise.

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-05-supercooled-ice.html#jCp

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