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How to get more marks in Physics Practical Exams?

Physics Practical Examinations are on. Are you worried thinking how to score good marks in Practicals? Here are some tips.


  • Complete the Practical Records
  • Complete the Project Report
  • Complete the record of activities
  • Know the Principle, formula, diagrams of all experiments  done at school,
  • Learn the precautions and sources of error of each experiment.
  • Make a list of all possible questions which can be asked for Viva


  • Take all records and geometrical instruments and writing instruments
  • Reach early
  • Have a look at the diagrams and formula you has practiced
  • Be cool and maintain a pleasing attire


  • Read the question well
  • Write neatly giving proper headings. The questions, Aim, Apparatus Required, Principle and formula, Circuit diagram/ Ray diagram, Observations, Calculations, Precautions, Result, Sources of Error etc
  • The observation column is the most important part. Write without alterations, corrections and over writing.
  • Draw graphs and diagrams neatly as per requirement.
  • Draw the circuit diagram neatly and correctly with proper labeling.
  • Avoid exchanging things with friends and talking to friends.
  • If in case of any doubt or in need of help, call your teacher or lab assistant.
  • Maintain a pleasing attitude through out.
  • Don’t  be rude or in-disciplined.
  • Answer the questions asked by the examiner during viva in a polite and pleasing manner. Try to answer the questions logically after listening to the questions carefully.


Problem from mechanics

a smooth sphere of radius R , mass M is placed on the smooth horizontal floor . another smooth particle of mass m is placed on the sphere and horizontal force f is applied of the sphere . if the particle does not slip of the sphere the value of force f

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if a biconvex lens is made with different materials vertically and horizontally then how many images will be formed?

if a biconvex lens is made with different materials vertically and horizontally then how many images will be formed?

Asked Mahathi

Numerical from Electrostatics

Three point charged lie along the x axis in a vacuum: charge 1 in the middle, with charge 2 to the left, and charge 3 to the right. The magnitude of charge 1 is +3 microcoulomb, the magnitude of charge 2 is -4 microcoulomb, and the magnitude of charge 3 is -7 microcoulomb. The distance between charges 1 and 2 is 20 cm, while the distance between charges 1 and 3 is 15 cm. Determine the magnitude and direction of the net electrostatic force on charge 1.

Asked Tammy

Broken spherical mirror and change in focal length

If a spherical mirror broken is there  change in focal length, radius of curvature, image distance,mirror height.

Asked Pawan

Answer. No change. As long as there is no change in the radius of curvature, there is no change in focal length. Mirror forms image based on geometry only as the course of rays are in the same medium.

Electromagnetic waves of a charged particle

If there is a charged particle moving with constant velocity then at any point in space magnitude of electric and magnetic field changes with time. changing magnetic field will produce electric field and changing electric field will produce magnetic field subsequently. if it is so then it should emit EM waves.How to explain it from the frame in which charge is moving with constant velocity?how to explain this from the frame of reference in which the charge is moving at constant velocity?

Asked Rajesh Kumar Nayak

Get some extra time everyday

It would be fascinating to know how i manage to get some extra time everyday. I begin with the alarm clock. I used to keep it far away from my bed and when it rings I have to switch on the lights to find the alarm and by the time i find out  i’ll be fully awake before i can touch the snooze button.

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