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Average Speed and Average Velocity

The average velocity of a particle is zero but not its average speed. is it possible?

Asked Prashant


Yes, it is possible. As you may probably know, Average speed is the ratio of distance traveled by a body to the time taken whereas average speed is the ratio of displacement to the time taken. The displacement made by a body can be zero when the body returns to its original path. abut, the distance which the total length of the path followed by the body cannot be zero.

Therefore the average velocity of a particle is zero but not its average speed. is it possible?


Force between charged rods: A Problem from electrostatics

Two mutually perpendicular long straight conductors carrying uniformly distributed charges of linear charge densities (D1) and (D2) are positioned at a distance a from each other. What is the force between them?

Posted by Harsh

MCQ from electrostatics

Two charges of equal magnitudes & at a distance r exert a force F on each other.if the charges are halved and a distance b/w them is doubled then new force acting on each charge?
1. F/8
2. F/4
3. 4F
4. F/16

Posted by Reghu

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What is overturning of a vehicle?

What are the conditions in which a car will overturn? How can I derive the equation for condition of overturning? (for derivation, just tips are enough)

Asked Daniel James


Read this Doc Circular motion03-04

Refer to this too

The dictionary meaning of overturning:

 Tip (something) over so that it is on its side or upside down: “the crowd overturned cars”

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