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Strength of a cable and number of strands

Is the strength of a single strand of a steel cable proportionate to the entire cable? meaning if lets say a cable was made up of 100 strands and could lift a hundred pounds, would each thread be able to lift a pound, or does the cable as a whole become stronger?

AJ asked

English: Steel wire rope of the the German col...


The strength of the cable increases with increase in the number of strands.

Current Electricity – Combination of Cells

12 cells,each of emf 1.5V and internal resistance, are arranged in ‘m’ rows each containing ‘n’ cells connected in series.calculate the values of ‘n’ and ‘m’ for which this combination would send maximum current through an external resistance of 1.5ohm.

Numerical problem from uniformly accelerated motion

On a foggy day 2 drivers spot each other 80m apart.they travel at 72km/hr and 60-km/hr respectively. Both of them applied break retarding their car at 5m/s2(square). Determine whether they avoid collision?

Parallax Method

Can you please explain about paralax method?

How to use it to calculate the distance between two astronomical objects?

Asked Shivangi


Parallax  is the change in the apparent position of an object due to change iv view point.

Read more here

The parallax method is a way of measuring distances of far-away objects.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_parallax_method#ixzz21XoSSONi

Change in Momentum and Kinetic Energy

If momentum of an object is inceased by 10% then its kinetic energy will incresed by ………………………… ??.

Asked Pooja Kumari


Using the relation

E = \frac{P^{2}}{2m}


If P is increased by 10 %, then P’ = 1.1 P

and therefore, E’ = 1.21 E

{since 1.1 ^2 = 1.21)

and therefore the kinetic energy increases by 21%

What is Wobbling Motion?




The term wobble means

“To move or rotate with an uneven or rocking motion or unsteadily from side to side.”

The combined motion of Earth and Moon about their centre of mass creates a wobbling,  Somewhat similar the the movement of hip while revolving a hulla loop

Another Example

“The fat man walked down the street with a wobble. “

Shape of orbitals and number of electrons

Is each lobes of the atomic orbitals represent one electron?in each p orbitals (Px,Py,Pz) there are two lobes so each p orbital contain two electrons. but if we look on d orbitals then each d orbitals have four lobes then how does each orbitals have only two electrons?

Asked Saket

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