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The Physics of Breaking Stuff – The Physics of Martial Arts

How is Physics applied in Breaking things in Karate Demonstrations?


The following video explains it well. If you have further doubts, please post them as comments to this post.


Newton’s Law of Gravitation and Acceleration due to gravity

According to Newton’s law, force produce acceleration, this acceleration depends on the mass, larger the mass lower will be the acceleration. But in the case of Earth’s gravity, acceleration is the same for every object.why?(forget equations for a moment and the conceptually)

(Asked Hamid Khan )

” the force with which the earth pulls a body towards it is equal to the weight of the body (mg), so heavy objects are pulled by greater force and lighter one with small.. so acceleration is same.”

Answered M Awais Arif

See the full discussion at https://www.facebook.com/groups/haibuddys/469860503040637

What is Quantum Teleportation?

Quantum teleportation is a way of transferring a quantum state from one place to another without actually sending a particle in that state through space. (Source – Physicsworld.com)

Anton Zeilinger (right) of the University of Vienna has extended this distance to 143 km by teleporting quantum states across the stretch of sea separating two of the Canary Islands. The team claims that its triumph takes the prospect of quantum teleportation to and from satellites one step closer.

Zeilinger and co-workers teleported quantum states from La Palma to Tenerife, and to pull it off they had to develop several new technologies including a new source of entangled photon pairs and “ultra-low-noise” single-photon detectors. Timing also proved to be a challenge, because the 10 ns uncertainty in GPS timing signals was not good enough to achieve the teleportation. Instead, the team had to develop a new “entanglement-assisted clock synchronization” technique that relies on the detection of the entangled photons

What’s the use of Quantum Teleportation?


Degrees of Freedom

How to comprehend the degrees of freedom(translational,rotational,vibrational modes)of an N particle system with constraints of constant bond length ex: a diatomic gas like hydrogen(double bonded) & Nitrogen(triple bonded).Why some rotational modes are not considered and why sometimes some modes are considered equivalent?

Asked Shobhit

Answer to be posted soon

Doubts from Faraday’s Experiments on electromagnetic induction

I wanna ask that in faradays’s first experiment with coil and magnet,when the magnet is moved away from coil the deflection in galvanometer becomes opposite as compared to first case…..what leads to this and if that means direction of current becomes opposite so HOW and WHY the direction of this changes…..plz can you tell me the practical reason of this…..its really confusing me!!!

Asked Arti

Answer will be posted soon

(Visitors are welcome to post their response via comments)

CBSE Class 12 Results Declared. Did we help you score more?

Hello everyone!

CBSE has declared its results and how was your scores in Physics?

Did www.askphysics.com help you score better in Physics?

Please comment.

Total Internal Reflection

Download the following PowerPoint presentation to understand the concept of Total Internal Reflection and its applications

total internal reflection

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