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Vibration of ferromagnet

Why a ferromagnet vibrates in a alternating magnetic field?
(Swadipriya asked this)

Questions received and waiting to be answered

Sreeda Asks

  1. Why are we not feeling Earth’s rotation while it is actually happening {1674.4 km/hr at the equator}?
  2. Our sound varies while communicating through a telephone. Why?
  3. Why is it more neat when we tear a sheet from the newspaper vertically and rough when torn horizontally?
  4. Will we be able to see stars during day time on the moon?
  5. Why do planets move in elliptical paths and not in circular ones?
  6. At what depth do Jupiter quakes occur?
  7. Charan Asks

what is the difference between a atomic and a nuclear bomb?

sly nikie asks

what is crystal cleavage and what does it state about the nature of matter?

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